What is “Millennial Programming”

Millennial Programming is a guideline for writing C# code. In a tongue-in-cheek way, it is supposed to fit the stereotypes about millennials:

Millennials are tolerant towards others

This is not the correct guideline , or the “best”. It is just “one” guideline. Although it can be used perfectly fine to create clean code, it also serves as an orientation point for comparison with other guidelines.

Millennials ruin the diamond industry

They don’t buy into something “intrinsically worthless” just because it is tradition.

The advice here always includes a demonstration of its advantages.

Millennials have a shortened attention span

That’s why we’re working with the “Principle of Least Distraction”. This applies to articles here and code differently.

For the articles, we’ll try and write short, easily understandable paragraphs. These add up to articles which should take around 10 minutes to read. Every article will have a short and snappy headline. There will be no distracting links. However, an article might have a supporting “In depth” version which can include links and provides more detailed explanations and examples.

For the code, it obviously works a bit different, but that will be explained in an own article.

Millennials care about the Environment

They care about how they leave the world behind.

So they should also care how they leave their code behind. Prototyping, “making something work” will always be messy. What counts is what you present to others in the end. That is what this guideline is about: Turning something that works into something that is maintainable and expandable.

Where to go from here?

There is an overview of all pages, but it’s easiest to just start at the beginning.